"Faith exists so that each Disciple will Know Jesus, Grow in His Word, and Share His love with all."


Our goal is to create an atmosphere of inspiration and joy in all aspects of worship in order to deepen and strengthen the spirituality of all those in worship. To implement these ideals, we have enlisted the skills, talents, and time of a wide segment of the disciples of Faith Lutheran Church as well as those outside the congregation.

Upcoming Church Events

Faithful Stitchers

Tuesday, September 28

1:00 PM until ?

Confirmation Class

Wednesday, September 29 at 7:00 – 8:00 PM

7th & 8th Graders

Perseverance Study

Thursday, September 30 at 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Thursday morning Bible Study on "Perseverance" by Donna (Pyle) Snow will resume on September 23 at 10 AM at church (note time change). For more details, contact Pam Pfankuch (715-723- 7124).

End Times Bible Class

Thursday, September 30

End Times-Jesus is Coming Soon Bible Study! Have you been curious about your future and the future of our planet? Have you wondered if things are going to get better or worse? Have you imagined how the world is going to end, and what eternity will be like? Beginning on Thursday, September 30 at 11 AM at church and offered again the same day at 7 PM via Zoom, Pastor Dan will begin a study of this most relevant topic of our times. This study will explore in detail: Jesus' return, Judgment Day, the Antichrist, the Resurrection of the Dead, Hell, Heaven and much more. Book cost is $20. Sign up in Narthex.



Traditional Worship

8 AM — every SUNDAY

Contemporary Worship

10:15 AM — every SUNDAY

Blended Worship

6 PM — every WEDNESDAY

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