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"Faith exists so that each Disciple will Know Jesus, Grow in His Word, and Share His love with all."


We encourage all our members to be involved in a small group in order to strengthen and deepen their discipline in the areas of study, prayer, fellowship, stewardship, support, and devotional life. Therefore a variety of small groups in regards to venue, time of day, and day of meeting are listed below.

Faith Lutheran Church teaches that:  

  • There is only one true God and he has made himself known in the pages of the Bible.
  • God is the Father, who has created all things (seen and unseen) and sustains it all by his awesome power.
  • God is the Son, who stepped into history as Jesus to live, suffer, die, and rise that we may know God's love and the truth that
  • He has rescued us from sin by his grace.
  • God is the Holy Spirit, who uses the word, Holy Baptism, and the Lord's Supper to create and keep believers in the true faith.
  • The Christian Church is fully equipped and empowered by God to communicate and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ before all people, to receive all no matter who they are and share Jesus with them, and to exercise compassion and justice toward all in Jesus' name. Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of how we are to conduct our lives and reflect his love for us by loving God with all our hearts, minds, and strength, and our neighbors as ourselves.
  • God has provided a foundation for ministry in the Bible, the ecumenical creeds of the Christian Church, and the Lutheran Confessions.


Sunday MornING ADULT Bible STUDY

Sundays at 9:15 AM in the conference room
Join Dick Walders Sunday mornings at 9:15am in the conference room as he digs in to the scriptures. All are welcome.

Questions? Contact Valerie Brooks


Mondays at 2:30 PM in the conference room
Consider joining this group and weave Christ into your life through study of his word. Led by Sue Smith, this group studies God's word and how to use it as guidance in life's daily challenges.

Questions? Contact Valerie Brooks


Tuesdays at 6:30 AM at the Chippewa Family Restaurant
Bring your Bible and your appetite (cost of the meal is on your own). Led by the pastor, this group focuses on the book of Ephesians written while Paul was in prison in Rome. It consists of two portions: the first being an exposition of what the church is and the second an exhortation concerning what it meant to belong to the church as a disciple of Jesus.

Questions? Contact the Pastor


Thursdays at 9:30 AM in the conference room
Join Pam Pfankuch Thursday mornings at 9:30am in the conference room as she digs in to the scriptures. All are welcome.

Questions? Contact Valerie Brooks


Sundays at 1 PM in the conference room
Young adults ages 18-35 are welcome to join us for a time of fun and fellowship. Starting January 8th we will be working on a study called "You Lost Me".

Questions? Contact Valerie Brooks


Thursdays at 7 PM in the library
What a great way to spend time with spiritual brothers and warriors in the faith! This group focuses on Colossians in which Paul addresses false teachings in the fledgling church. See how Paul emphasizes the person of Christ and how, when you know Christ, you live life differently.

Questions? Contact the Pastor


Sundays at 6 PM in the conference room
The ongoing theme of this group is based on the book Raising Rock-Solid Kids in a Pleasure-Driven World by Dr. Kevin Leman. Wonderful ideas and concerns are shared by our couples as they work on being even better parents. It's not too late for you to join this amazing group of young couples. The group is led by Bill & Lynn Musser, disciples of Faith Lutheran, who are trained in the district's Family Friendly Partners Network Ministries.