"Faith exists so that each Disciple will Know Jesus, Grow in His Word, and Share His love with all."


Our goal is to create an atmosphere of inspiration and joy in all aspects of worship in order to deepen and strengthen the spirituality of all those in worship. To implement these ideals, we have enlisted the skills, talents, and time of a wide segment of the disciples of Faith Lutheran Church as well as those outside the congregation.


Wednesday 6 PM Worship

A blended service with both traditional and contemporary musical selections led by piano and vocalists

Sunday 9 AM Worship

A traditional service — 1st and 2nd SUNDAY of the month with music by an organist and song selections from the Lutheran Service Book©

A contemporary service — 3rd and 4th SUNDAY of the month with music selections are led by guitar, piano, and vocalists. The second and fourth Sunday's music is led by Faith's Praise band (piano, guitars, drums, violin, keyboard, and vocalists).


USHERS & Worship Assistant

Ushers turn on/off the lights, distribute bulletins, welcome disciples and guests, gather the offerings, count worship attendance, and assist the worship assistant wherever necessary. A worship assistant is equipped to do all the responsibilities of an usher as well as assist the pastor in communion distribution.

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Altar Guild

Volunteers to serve on altar guild and be responsible for setting up communion prior to your assigned service. Training to become an altar guild volunteer is given by a lay person.

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Offer hospitality before worship service, sign-up to be a greeter at the church office. As a greeter, you are responsible for welcoming visitors and new families to our church.

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Lay Readers

Read the Old Testament, Epistle, and occasionally the Gospel during services and occassionally help with special skits and presentations. Inquire in the church office.

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Traditional Worship

9 AM — 1st and 2nd SUNDAY of the month

Contemporary Worship

9 AM — 3rd and 4th SUNDAY of the month

Blended Worship

6 PM — every WEDNESDAY

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